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About Us

Endeavouring to Fulfill Commerce Gaps

We represent a small, distributed, group of efforts to identify and fill-in the gaps in the eCommerce world. How that manifests itself can vary wildly.

For example, products available on an online marketplace, but of poor quality. Or items not available to the larger world. Or goodies available only in specific parts of the world, but not others. Or accelerating the development of innovative ideas.

You can expect us to be doing our best to be in the midst of such efforts.

Our Affiliated Efforts

Alegnor LLC

A company registered in the US, working on high quality products for the Amazon marketplace. “PetVenture” is an Alegnor LLC brand.

Draco Works Pvt. Ltd.

A company currently focused on bringing eczema, psoriasis and such-focused skin care products to consumers in Pakistan, under the MerryDerma umbrella.

DM Lads

Digital Marketing Lads is an online-only, fast growing, digital marketing agency, with clients across the world.

To See the World in a Grain of Sand, and Heaven in a Wild Flower.

To Hold Eternity in the Palm of your Hand, and Eternity in an Hour.

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